Price inquiry form

For an exact price offer please fill in the form below.

The colours for wall panels, windows and kitchen furniture will be selected after the initial price offer is suitable for the client. All the detailed information regarding different elements can be found under the menu ‘Houses’.

All the fields marked with an asterisk * are obligatory to be filled.

NB! The inquiry form is submitted successfully if after pressing ‘Submit’ the form disappears.

NB! If you wish to have an exact price offer for the house foundation construction and/or connection works to the services then  please provide us with the following documentation and information:

  • cadaster number of the lot
  • geodetic basic plan
  • geological research of the lot
  • terms of engineering for the lot or regional land use plan.

If you can not provide us with these documents then you can order us the creation of these documents as a service. If so then you can add this information to the ‘Other information’ field.

It is also possible to get an estimate prices for the construction of the foundation and/or connection works to the services, but in this case the client has to take into account that the real prices may differentiate later significantly.