Basic Package price 66,000
Ready in 4 months


  • General info

    *All 3D pictures are visual illustrations based on the house model floor plans

    Gross internal area – 50,6 m²

    Gross floor area – 58,4 m²

    Floor area – 58,4 m²

    Fasteco-60 BASIC SET is a fixed price turn-key completed house. Upon a client’s request predefined accessories may be added. Basic set does not include the work needed to be done to the lot (foundation construction, connection to the services, driveway construction). More detailed info about  these works can be found from our menu subsection Construction info.

    The energy class of the basic set is B (according to the Estonian energy classification system). This means the energy efficiency is between 51-120 kWh/m²*year. Adding solar panels will make the house into energy class A and even more energy efficient. Thanks to the high technical capabilities of our houses they can easily be made into energy-plus-house which means that the house produces more energy than it uses itself.

    PREDEFINED ACCESSORIES are optional additional elements with a fixed price list and their price would be added to the basic set. E.g. terrace, wardrobes, kitchen furniture, additional home appliances, special door and window frames, the sauna, sauna heater, fireplace etc.

    The manufacturer Fasteco OÜ has the right to change the accessories’ price list according to the market situation.

    The prices of the basic set and chosen accessories are summed up and will make the final price of the house. All the colour selections that we have brought out do not affect the price if not stated otherwise.

    NB! The colours on the monitor and in reality may differentiate from each other!

    To receive a quotation from us please contact our representatives.

    NB! The prices shown on the website are the prices of the house in Estonia.

  • Construction info

    The prices Fasteco offers do not include the work needed to be done concerning the lot, because they may differentiate significantly due to the specifications of the lot. Every lot needs engineering work according to the said lot therefore we can not offer fixed price for these works. These works include:

    • construction of the foundation
    • connections to services (water and electricity)
    • driveway construction
    • all other works which depend on the lot

    Fasteco is ready to offer all these works as a predefined accessory order. The price of these works depend on the lot and its location which means that the initial price offer may not be exact. For an exact price offer prior engineering might be needed (foundation and connection to the services).

    To get an exact price offer for these works, please provide us with the following information:

    • geodetic basic plan
    • geological research of the lot
    • cadaster number of the lot
    • terms of engineering for the lot or regional land use plan

    NB! If it is not possible for you to provide us with that information then the price offer for the construction works of the lot are not exact and may differentiate significantly after the necessary engineering.

  • Basic set

    Fasteco-60 basic set is a turn-key house at a fixed price. Basic set includes: main structure of the house  and external-internal walls, glulam beams, floor, roof and roof covering, doors-windows, heating, ventilation, electrical and  water systems, sewage and sanitary equipment and flooring. All the building and construction activities are included in the price. In addition we will apply for the building permit and engineer the plan for the foundation of the house.

  • Building permit

    In order to build a house according to different laws and regulations you will need apply for a building permit from the local municipality. Application work is time consuming and may take months, because it is a difficult and a long process.


    Ordering a house from us we will deal with the building permit application where a preliminary design is created and set on the lot. In the preliminary design a site plan and a plan for connections to the services is created, where all necessary work to apply for a building permit are done. We will go through with the application process for you in the local municipality where the lot is situated in. Customer has to equip us with possible design provisions, geodetic basic plan, requirements from the service providers and if possible results of the geological research of the lot. Building permit application works do not include building permit state fee, fees for the provisions from the service providers and co-ordination fees for service providers.


    Foundation engineering – taking into account your wishes we engineer you the foundation for your lot. Foundation project is the basis for an exact foundation construction offer.

  • Main structure

    Main structure consists of glulam wood beam structure, external and internal walls, floor and roof with roof coverings.

    The floor, external and internal walls and the roof are made of foam panels that correspond to all foam panel manufacturing standards and directives.

    Foam panels:

    • are fast and easy to install
    • minimizing installation errors compared to regular timber frame houses
    • have high thermal insulation
    • have low building costs
    • have a pleasing aesthetic and long-lasting appearance.

    The panels are made of two steel sheets that have styrofoam between them which give excellent sound and heat insulation capabilities. The steel sheets give hermetic and weatherproof attributes and mechanical endurance. Steel plates are corrosion-resistant and provide a quality decorative appearance for a long time. The plates are galvanized (covered with zinc coating, eliminates the possibility of corrosion) after which the plates are processed and covered with a protective encrustation. External sheets are coated with weatherproof paint, internal sheets with a polymer coating that makes indoor paint jobs easier.

    Thanks to the processed panels and the harmonious colour selection panels provide a beautiful interior that does not need any additional work. However, if you wish to design the interior yourself, the internal walls can be easily covered with different materials.

    For floor, roof and external wall panels we use 200 mm thick panels with an U-value of 0,11 W/m2K. U-value is a value to measure elements’  (floor, wall or roof) heat loss. The smaller the U-value, the better.

    For internal walls we use 100 mm thick panels with an U-value of 0,21 W/m2K.

    Technical information

    • insulation material: PIR (polyisocyanurate) (mineral wool also possible)
    • external thickness (mm): 0,50
    • sheet profile: smooth
    • U-value: 0,11 W/m2K
    • reaction to fire: B-s2, d0

    *All the internal walls of the house are coloured white

    Glulam beam structure

    The framework of the house is solved with glulam beams. In addition to greater strength the glulam advantage over solid-sawn timber is also bigger elasticity of the cross-section and smaller temperature-humidity deformations. Glulam wood is fire-resistant. It is a light weight material, does not create cold bridges and can be used to cover long spans. Glulam is used for big structures such as industrial buildings, warehouses, animal farms and bridges.

    Glulam works very well as a decorative element in interior design.

    Colour selection for glulam framework is made from Teknos translucent indoor colours


    Flat roof models are covered with SBS coverings.

    Gable roof models are covered with tiled profile corrugated roofing sheets.

    All the houses include rainwater systems which lead the rainwater off from the roof.

    Entrance stairs

    All the house models have wooden entrance stairs at the main door.

  • Doors-windows

    The windows and external doors of Fasteco-60 basic set are made of PVC materials. Weighted average U-value for windows is 0,79 W/m2K. It is possible to order wooden frame windows  – see Accessories for further information.

    Plastic material windows or PVC windows are user-friendly, easily maintainable and weatherproof. Nowaday solutions enable to manufacture PVC windows that correspond to passive house criteria and are suitable also for extremely humid or chemically aggressive rooms.

    Plastic windows protect well against heat losses and noise, their manufacturing is ecological and fast. The life-span of PVC-windows is long, they are easily maintainable and comfortable to handle. Same attributes apply to PVC external door.


    Fasteco-60V windows

    Fasteco-60V windows

    *All internal frames are white.

    For outer frames (of the external door and windows) the following colors are available:

    Interior doors

    For internal doors two models are available – one of which is part of our Accessories list (marked with *).

    Interior doors

    Interior doors

  • Facade covers

    For facade covers we install wooden facade boards which are processed with flat coat and double painted. Soffit boards and window-door cheeks are also installed and finished.


    Customer can choose the profile of the facade covers boards from the given selection from Fasteco and also choose the colour of these boards

  • Heating

    Air to air heat pump (basic set)

    Basic set house is heated with an air-to-air type heat pump. Air-to-air heat pump is a heating device that pumps heat energy from outside to inside a building. Device consists of outer and inner parts that are connected to each other by pipes and electrical cables. The compressor of the outer part transfers the heat coming from ambient air into the heat collecting refrigerant of the inner part of the device. The inner part transfers the heat into the room air and ventilators guide it further into the inner parts of the house. The technology is similar to a refridgerator: the outer part tries to cool the outside air and as a byproduct creates heat that ties it with the refridgerant and guides it into the building.

    The device saves electricity, because there is no need to produce heat. The heating energy found from ambient air just has to be collected and transported to the inside. In best conditions it takes under 1 kW of electricity to collect 4 kW of heat energy and transfer it inside the building. An electrical heater uses 4 kW of electricity to create the same amount of heat energy.

    The air-to-air heat pump can be used also as a cooling system in summer.

    A lot of questions have been asked on what temperatures does the air-to-air heat pump work. There are rumors that an air-to-air heat pump does not work efficiently at very cold temperatures. The warmer the air outside the better the efficiency of the heat pump. However, the technical data are usually given for  +7°C weather conditions. The average annual temperature in Estonia given by the Estonian Weather Service is +5,2°C. When the temperature decreases the efficiency goes down, but modern heat pumps can still produce more heat energy than they use even at -25°C. In Estonian climate it is good to use an air-to-air heat pump and only if the weather is very cold, use some additional heating.

    Air-to-air heat pumps used in Fasteco houses work at -25°C temperature and have a 2 year warranty.

    Additionally when ordering a house with an air-to-air heat pump the bathroom and WC are equipped with an electrical floor heating.


    NB! Fasteco offers air to water and geothermal heat pump for this model. If the clients wishes to order either of the formentioned heat pumps then he/she has to take into account possible restrictions (no room for a sauna, need for replacement of rooms).


    Air to water heat pump (accessory)

    Air to water heat pump collects the heat energy from the ambient air and transfers it to the water heating system (in Fasteco houses the floor heating) and at the same time produces hot water for the household. Advantage compared to an air to air heat pump is that there is no need to combine it with other heating solutions. Advantage compared to a geothermal heat pump is that there is no need for a heat exchanger.

    Air to water heat pump helps to cut down the costs of heating up to 65% although the exact heating costs depend on different factors such as the location and the size of the house and usage of the cooling function. Air to water heat pump is environmentally friendly. Compared to traditional fossil fuel based heating systems air to water system reduce the quantity of CO2 emittance of the house to the environment.

    Air to water heat pump system is offered as an accessory. Ordering the heating system with an air to water heat pump means the house is automatically equipped with floor heating.


    Geothermal heat pump (accessory)

    Geothermal heat pump is a heating system which uses the solar energy stored inside the ground. Geothermal heat pump uses upper parts of the ground, cliffs or a nearby water as an energy source. Already in the depth of one metre in the ground the temperature is constant, 4 – 12 ºC. The heat energy stored in the ground is collected from it by heat exchangers. The heat exchangers are connected to the heat pump which cover the whole heating needs of the building, also producing hot water for the household and if needed, cooling the house. Heat pump needs electricity in order to pump the heat inside the house. By using 1 kWh of electric energy the geothermal heat pump can produce up to 5 kWh of heat energy. Installing a geothermal heat pump can cut the costs of heating up to 80%. The usage of this heat pump is comfortable, environmentally friendly and maintenance free.

    Geothermal heat pump is offered as an accessory. Ordering the heating system with a geothermal heat pump means the house is automatically equipped with floor heating.

  • Ventilation

    The purpose of ventilation is to maintain healthy and comfortable inner climate. Correctly working ventilation protects buildings and property from humidity, eliminates the possibility of the house to become too dry and increases inhabitants’  content, comfort and thus propitiates working efficiency.

    Fasteco uses ventilation devices with a working efficiency of up to 80% and low noise  rotor heat exchanger. Ventilation device creates an air flow through ventilation pipes installed all over the house. In order to eliminate possible noise the pipes are equipped with noise suppressors.  The device contains a hot-air heater for keeping the incoming air at a constant temperature in winter.

    The basic set ventilation system is equipped with a set of filters (one for the inwards and one for the outwards part) that need to be changed once a year (two-three times a year depending on the location of the house).

  • Electrics

    Electrical system consists of a mainframe, necessary wiring, sockets and switches, readiness for lighting.

    NB! Fasteco does not offer lights, but we will install the lights which are brought onsite by the client. Assuming that the lights are brought onsite at the agreed upon time.

  • Water-sewage

    Faucet Oras Safira 1010

    Faucet Oras Safira 1010

    Bathroom and toilet room faucet Oras Safira 1010

    • noise class: I (ISO 3822)
    • working pressure: 50-1000 kPa
    • hot water supply: max 80°C
    • pressure loss with flow (0,1 l/s): 75 kPa
    • flow-rate at 300 kPa: 0,2 l/s



    Veevõtukraan Oras 431415Non-freezing garden valve Oras 431415






    WC Nautic 5510

    WC Nautic 5510

    WC Nautic 5510 3/6L

    • WC connected to the wall
    • double flushing system 3/6 L
    • soft plastic toilet seat
    • user-friendly button is suitable for small and/or weak hands





    Duschy 5304Shower cabin Duschy 5304/5305

    • high or low shower tray
    • safety glass
    • 6 bodysprays (anti-calc)
    • ceiling light
    • overhead shower (anti-calc)
    • seat
    • mirror
    • shelves
    • ventilator
    • shower lift with a hand shower


    Atlantic ZeneoMaintenance free horizontal water heater Atlantic Zeneo HMACI 100L 1,2kW

    • warranty for 5 years for the inner part and 2 years for electrical parts
    • cheramical, heating element which is not in contact with water
    • electronic thermostat start fuse
    • maintenance free hybridtitananode to protect from corrosion (ACI-system)
    • inner surface and heating element hollow are enamelled with powder technology
    • heat insulation is appr. 30-40 mm thick polyurethane foam
    • guard valve for cold water input and muff for hot water output
    • informative light diodes for users and specialists


    *If the heating system is ordered with an air to water or geothermal heat pump then the water heater is already integrated in those heat pumps.

  • Interiors

    Floors in dry rooms are covered with strength class 32 laminated parquet. Floors in damp rooms (WC and bahtroom) and hallway are covered with stone plates.

    Interior walls and ceiling are covered with white paint. All coverings are included


    Upon clients request we can install other floor coverings which are taken as accessories.

  • Accessories

    Accessories include several optional elements at a fixed price. The picked accessories’ price will be added to the basic set price. The manufacturer  Fasteco OÜ has the right to change the price list of the Accessories along with changes in the market situation.

    Many of the accessory items can be modified upon the clients request (wardrobes, terrace, kitchen furniture). If so, please notify us for us to make you an exact price offer.

  • Sliding doors and wooden windows

    Sliding doors

    It is possible to order a sliding door for the living room. The advantages are different design solutions and the possibility to cover large openings with doors that take minimal room.

    There are two different sliding door solutions that we offer which both can be made out of wood or PVC materials. Sliding door solutions that we offer are:

    • PSK – parallel slide tilt door
    • HST – lift slide door

    PSK opens by pulling the door inside and making it move on a different surface.

    HST opens and moves on the same surface.

    Wooden windows

    In addition to plastic or PVC windows for a demanding taste we offer an alternative choice of wooden windows. Windows can be ordered in many different colours and shapes. Three-layered wooden glulam frame assures the stability of the window.

    For the colours of the wooden window frames we offer the next selection

  • Solar panels

    For solar panel systems we offer three different solutions which effect the energy efficiency of the house as follows:

    • solution 1 – energy production forecasts constitute 60-70% of the energy costs
    • solution 2 – which is a zero-energy building (house produces the same amount of energy it uses over the year)
    • solution 3 – which is a energy-plus house solution (house produces more energy than it uses)

    It is important to know that these solutions work as they are forecasted if all the other factors of an energy efficient house have been fulfilled (right angle to the sun and minimizing shadows on panels). The panels have to be set at the most right angle as possible, prevent shadows from falling on the solar panels, take into account the possible excess dust (too near to gravel roads). If possible it would be good to clean the solar panels twice a year – from snow in winter and dust in summer.

    Panels are reliable, they have a 10-12 year working guarantee and improve the energy efficiency of the houses significantly.

    There is also a possibility for an off-grid solution. For further information please contact us.

  • Special works

    • Special works

    Building a house means that there are construction works needed to be done with the lot. Upon our clients requests we offer these next special works.

    Foundation construction – we build you your foundation. For an exact foundation price offer you need to provide us with a foundation project.

    Connecting to services – we engineer you the services connection project based on your lot and the desired house model and manage with all the necessary construction so that the house would be connected to electricity and water network.


    In order to get a price offer for the special works concerning the lot, please provide us with the following information:

    • geodetic basic plan
    • geological research of the lot
    • cadaster number of the lot
    • terms of engineering for the lot or regional land use plan

    NB! If it is not possible for you to provide us with that information then the price offer for the construction works of the lot are not exact and may differentiate significantly after the necessary engineering.

  • Kitchen furniture

    Kitchen furniture includes cupboards, drawers, sink and faucet.

    We also offer home appliances which you can find under the Home appliances subsection.

    Design selection for kitchen cupboards

    Design selection for kitchen worktop

    Selection of kitchen furniture handles

    Selection of kitchen furniture handles

    Selection of kitchen furniture handles

    It is also possible to order the kitchen furniture with a dishwasher.

    Kitchen faucet Oras Safira 1035

    Kitchen faucet Oras Safira 1035

    Kitchen faucet Oras Safira 1035

    • noise class: I (ISO 3822)
    • working pressure: 50 – 1000 kPa
    • hot water supply: max 80°C
    • pressure loss with flow (0,2 l/s): 160 kPa
    • flow-rate at 300 kPa: 0,27 l/s
  • Home appliances

    Electrical stove Beko 67301GW

    Electrical stove Beko 67301GW

    Electric stove Beko 67301GW

    • freestanding electric stove with glass-ceramic worktop
    • 4 hobs
    • multifunctional oven with 8 different settings
    • digital timer
    • oven capacity 65l
    • energy class A
    • oven lighting
    • colour: white
    • measurements (h*l*d): 850*600*600 mm



    Beko CS 234020Refridgerator Beko CS 234020

    • capacity (gross) 340l
    • freezer capacity 205l
    • glass shelves
    • automatic defrosting
    • deep freezer capacity (net) 87l (3 drawers)
    • energy class A+
    • energy consumption 0,732 kWh for 24h
    • colour white
    • measurements (h*w*d): 185*600*600 mm



    Whirlpool BLF8121WRefridgerator Whirlpool BLF8121W

    • energy class A+
    • freezer net capacity 228l
    • deep freezer net capacity 111l
    • colour white




    Whirlpool BLF8121OXRefridgerator Whirlpool BLF8121OX

    • energy class A+
    • freezer net capacity 228l
    • deep freezer net capacity 111l
    • colour silver




    Beko EV 5101Washing machine Beko EV 5101

    • 14 washing programmes
    • spin speed 1000 rpm
    • energy class A+
    • energy/water consumption (yearly) 189 kWh/9460l
    • colour white



    Whirlpool AWOC6304Washing machine Whirlpool AWO/C6304

    • 13 washing programmes
    • spin speed 1200rpm
    • energy class A+++
    • washing class A
    • drier class B
    • energy/water consumption (yearly) 147kWh/8200l
    • noise level washing/spin-drying 59dBA/75dBA
    • capacity 6 kilos of dry laundy
    • colour white


    Beko DSFN 4530Dishwasher Beko DSFN 4530

    • 5 washing programmes
    • energy class A+
    • washing and drying class A
    • delayed start options 3-6-9h
    • half quantity programme
    • energy/water consumption on standard programme 1,04kWh/14l
    • noise level 47dB
    • Watersafe security system
    • värv valge



    Whirlpool ADP100WHDishwasher Whirlpool ADP100WH

    • 5 washing programmes
    • energy class A+
    • washing and drying class A
    • delayed start options 2/4/8h
    • half quantity programme
    • water consumption 3360l (yearly)
    • energy consumption 289kWh (yearly)
    • noise level 48dBA
    • Aquacontrol leakage control
    • colour white


    Whirlpool ADP100IXDishwasher Whirlpool ADP100IX

    • 5 washing programmes
    • energy class A+
    • washing and drying class A
    • delayed start options 2/4/8h
    • half quantity programme
    • water consumption 3360l (yearly)
    • energy consumption 289kWh (yearly)
    • noise level 48dBA
    • Aquacontrol leakage control
    • colour grey
  • Wardrobe

    We offer standard wardrobe solutions made for our house models in certain colours and materials. Wardrobes are possible to be designed according to clients wishes and pick the preferred colours and materials. If you would like to get a price offer for a wardrobe with your design, please contact us.

  • Terrace

    We offer standard terrace solutions for our houses

    If you would like to design your own terrace please let us know.

  • Sauna and sauna heaters

    Sauna wall thickness is 75 mm, internal height 2250 mm. The material for the floor, internal walls and facade is AB alder. The materials used for the sweating bench, backboard and heater guard-rail is aspen. A glass door and sweating bench lighting are included in the price.

    Example picture of the sauna

    Example picture of the sauna

  • Fireplace

    A suitable fireplace can be picked by the client. When ordering a fireplace you have to take into account that the price includes the construction of the chimney which may be a higher cost than the fireplaces itself.